Facts About Costa Rican Property Ownership

Thinking about property ownership in Costa Rica? Here are ten facts about Costa Rica, Costa Rica property ownership, and the Costa Rican economy.

1. The sun shines almost every day. Even in the rainy season there is an average of five hours of sunshine a day.

2. Between 1.5 million to 2 million tourists visit Costa Rica every year.

3. No matter your nationality, Costa Rican laws protect all property and home owners under civil law.

4. Infrastructure in Costa Rica is always improving. There are two airports, two seaports, and a moderately built highway system.

5. Costa Rica property values have increased by 30% over the last 15 years.

6. The political and economic climate in Costa Rica has been stable for 60 years – even without a military.

7. Since 1991, the annual growth of the Costa Rica gross domestic product has increased at a compound rate of 5.3%.

8. In the last 20 years, poverty went from 40% to its current rate of less than 20%.

9. Costa Rica claims the highest education and health care levels in all of Latin America.

10. One third of Costa Rica exports are from the high-tech industry.