Eco-Responsibility and your Vacation

Preserved Green Space El Verde Misterioso is a unique, low-density community of vacation rentals designed with an environmental conscience. This five-acre project includes two and a half acres of committed green space to provide a safe haven for guests and to ensure abundant wildlife all around the rental homes.

Eco friendly vacation villas at El Verde Misterioso

We preserve the natural water cycle.

On site we use a spring fed well and a cistern as our sources of clean potable water. Our waster water is treated on-site using our carefully designed water reclamation system. We use the treated grey water on the property for irrigation, ensuring a green season all year round and reducing our need for municipal water. In fact, our unique commitment is part of the reason we call our group of vacation villas “the Green Mystery.”

The community

The population of the Playas del Coco community and the surrounding towns has quadrupled in size within the last few years. This rapid growth and the increase in tourism has created both opportunities and challenges for those who live here. In an effort to overcome some of those challenges and in an effort to give back to a community we love so much, we here at El Verde Misterioso are committed to a number of initiatives we believe will make a difference.


At El Verde Misterioso we recycle all plastic, glass, and aluminum, and we encourage our rental home guests to do the same. We also encourage you to reuse your plastic water bottles since the water at El Verde Misterioso is safe to drink. Animals There are hundreds of stray cats and dogs in the Playas del Coco area. Many of these animals go unfed and suffer from abuse and injury. In addition to individual efforts to feed and care for homeless animals, we also dedicate time and resources to CARE, a local non-profit organization that works to spay and neuter homeless animals. For more information on eco-responsibility, see our Tips for Responsible Tourism.