El Verde Misterioso Investment Guide

Here are four great reasons to invest in El Verde Misterioso:

  1. High occupancy rates
  2. Excellent ROI and appreciation
  3. Low management and maintenance costs
  4. 24 / 7 care

High Occupancy Rate and Excellent ROI

Considering that there are 52 weeks in a year, and considering that you probably have less than 6 weeks of vacation time, as an investor you have an opportunity to rent your private villa at least 46 weeks of the year.

El Verde Misterioso rental rates start a $650 a week – a very competitive rate considering the safety, security, luxury, and services available on-site.

While the ultimate responsibility for renting each villa lies with each individual property owner, we also help each owner market their villa to potential renters.

Low Maintenance Fees and 24 / 7 Care

Home owners are asked to pay a low monthly maintenance fee to cover regular expenses such as landscaping, pool maintenance, and security.

Property managers Sandra and Garth, who built El Verde Misterioso and live here full time, ensure that the property is well-maintained and looked after at all times.

Of course, another benefit to investing in Costa Rica property is Costa Rica itself. With so many things to do, the friendly people, and the warm weather, there is no better place to visit or to call home.

Contact us to learn about investment opportunities at El Verde Misterioso.