Other Rental Properties Available

In addition to the Costa Rica rental homes at El Verde Misterioso, we manage several other properties in Coco Beach, Ocotal Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Panama Beach. Of our inventory of Costa Rica rental homes we can accommodate any group size in any setting. Below is a sampling of the different Costa Rica rental homes we can arrange for you:

  • Private jungle cabina
  • In-town apartment
  • Your own Costa Rica rental house in a traditional Tico neighborhood
  • Five- or six-bedroom home with ocean views
  • Condo or house in the mountains
  • Beachside bungalow

Here’s one of our other available rental properties on Ocotal Beach.

ocotal-beach1 ocotal-beach2

Set in beautiful hillside venue, private and classic, close drive to the exciting black sand beaches of Ocotal.

Checkout Picote below, a luxurious vacation home in Hermosa Heights.

picote2 picote1

Also up high on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean, Picote is a beautiful, well-decorated vacation home with lots of space, close to all beaches in the area as well as dining and grocery shopping.

Here’s a property in Playa Panama we manage as well.

3 bedrooms, a large amazing pool 30 feet from the front door with the best sunset view in the area.

3 bedrooms, a large amazing pool 30 feet from the front door with the best sunset view in the area.

Regardless of the type of Costa Rica rental home you are interested in renting, we can customize your vacation. Through our network of vendors in the Coco Beach area we can help you with everything including ground transportation, tour bookings, equipment rentals, a personal chef, in-home spa treatments, and more.

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  • Each vacation home has two bedrooms
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If you are already a property owner in Costa Rica and are in need of rental property management company to oversee your property rentals, contact us to find out how we can help.