Responsible Coco Toursim Tips

Eco-tourism, environmental tourism, sustainable tourism, ethical tourism…whatever you want to call it, “responsible tourism” is about caring for the environment and the local people while on vacation. At El Verde Misterioso we take precautions in all we do that may impact the environment and local community, and we ask our guests to do the same.

These tips are meant to make your visit to Costa Rica something you can enjoy without leaving a trace behind you.

  • Don’t take coral from the beaches.
  • Don’t feed wildlife – whether in the water or on land. These creatures need to survive on their own, not by depending on our hand outs.
  • If you are interested in horseback riding, ox cart rides, or other things to do in Costa Rica that involves animals, but yet you aren’t sure if those animals are treated fairly, ask us before you book your activity. We can recommend animal-friendly things to do.
  • Reuse your plastic water bottles. El Verde Misterioso water is safe to drink. Instead of buying a new bottle of water every day, reuse your plastic or purchase a sturdy bottle to refill over and over again.
  • Recycle. Although not all places in Costa Rica have containers for recycling, some do, including El Verde Misterioso. Recycle plastic, glass, and paper whenever it’s possible.
  • Buy locally grown foods such as pineapple, coconuts, papaya, strawberries, bananas, yams, potatoes, plantains, and tomatoes.
  • Conserve water and energy whenever you can. Walk or take mass transportation if it’s possible.
  • Only stay in places built with an environment conscience (like El Verde Misterioso).
  • When driving, be on the look out for stray cats and dogs in the road.

If you are looking for a vacation that is both environmentally responsible and enjoyable, contact us to reserve your own personal Costa Rican cabina in our slice of paradise.