Local Coco Beach Costa Rica Wildlife

One of the biggest reasons to visit Costa Rica is the wildlife. The country’s location between two oceans and two major land masses has given Costa Rica five percent of the world’s biodiversity (despite occupying only 0.1% of the Earth’s land mass). Of course the national parks and rural areas of Costa Rica are great for wildlife viewing, but we also have a variety of species living right here at El Verde Misterioso, including those listed below.

This group of howler monkeys (seen just outside of one of our rental homes) enjoys hanging out at El Verde Misterioso on a regular basis.

Mantled howler monkeys
It won’t take long for you to hear the sounds of the howler monkey, and it won’t be much longer before you see them either. These monkeys are mostly black with some gold fringe on their fur. A group of 10-20 monkeys will travel together and we often see them throughout the property.

Lizards of all varieties
The house gecko, the ctenosaur, and the green iguana are all common sightings at El Verde Misterioso. Be sure to watch the trees as many lizards climb up high for food. Watch the drainage pipes too as many lizards call those spaces home.

Here’s Big Fred, a fearless (and, shall we say, healthy) marine toad that frequents the grounds at El Verde Misterioso.

Marine toads
These lazy toads are around at all times, but watch your step at night as one might be moving slowly near your feet. Although they are poisonous to touch, the marine toad is a very popular sight among our guests.

There are too many birds to name here, but some of the most common birds in our area include the great kiskadee, green violet-eared hummingbird, orange-chinned parakeet, and the common Costa Rican bluebird.

One of the great advantages to staying at El Verde Misterioso is the common wildlife sightings. We recommend you purchase a Costa Rica wildlife book or resource before making your trip here.


Not all of the Costa Rica wildlife you see around El Verde Misterioso is actually wild. In fact, many home owners have their own pets as do Sandra and Garth, the property managers. But don’t worry; these little guys are put to work to help make your stay in Costa Rica that much more enjoyable.

Mr. James Bond, Body guard
Bond, as he is affectionately called, came to El Verde Misterioso as a homeless puppy. Bond is a very independent dog, making those few moments of affection from him that much more special.

Amos, Social Coordinator
Always fun loving, Amos is eager to bring you along for the party.

Andy, Night Receptionist
Amos’ brother Andy can’t get enough excitement either. You often see Amos and Andy run through the hills of the property looking for adventures together.

Pito, Exterminator
The jungle offers up many great finds for our yellow kitty.

Pepper, Night Watchman
This young cat prowls a bit at night looking for spiders and geckos.

Mama Princess, Sleep Therapist
You’ll recognize Mama Princess when you see her because she often sleeps near the pool.

Bugs, Gardener’s Assistant
You won’t see a whole lot of Bugs, since he prefers the cool indoors. But if you have any peanuts, that’s a sure way to make friends.

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